About Dre:

Dre is an American multimedia storyteller, photographer, filmmaker, writer, journalist, and activist based in the East Foothills San Jose, CA. Born in Mountain View, CA he comes from Filipino, and African ancestry. He studied journalism at San Francisco State University, and psychology and communications at De Anza College in Cupertino.


Dre uses his multimedia skills, and love of science to advance arts, health, and wellness for the global community. 

While at De Anza he also became committed to academic leadership serving as a student body senator and volunteering his time with a local Filipino organization that spoke to youth and students at universities and community colleges around the Southern Bay Area about the Philippines’ civil conflict, drug war, extrajudicial killings, misinformation networks connected to the Duterte administration, and disaster relief efforts from 2017-2020, as well teach the history and culture of the Philippines from pre-colonial times to modern day. 

 Today when Dre isn’t at the gym, being social, gaming, or working with media, he’s been working on new art forms or working nights as a bartender. Dre plans to make his life’s work in photography, cinema, marketing, public relations, and business. Throughout his journey he plans to stay devoted to ensuring his work and the spaces around him are advancing society and collective wellness around the world.